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Jonathan Spinnell



There is currently a very noticeable gap in academic performance between impoverished children and economically advantaged children. However, all children are at the same level on the chess board. Both players start on an equal playing field and have an opportunity to win and are not affected by aspects of race, religion, socioeconomic class, or gender.


I offer to teach disadvantaged children chess on the weekends via Skype. Chess helps develop critical thinking skills that are the foundation of improvement in math and reading. There are many impoverished children who have difficulty with problem solving and are at risk of failing. It is proven from many studies that playing more chess helps lead to an increase in cognitive and social development. Chess teaches children pattern identification and problem solving. The hands-on nature of the game helps keep children interested and focused, which in many cases translates to their school work.



I am a senior at the Bronx High School of Science, and I have been playing chess since I was four years old. I am captain of the Bronx High School of Science Chess Team, and president of the Chess Club. I am rated as a USCF expert and have played in over 160 rated tournaments. I am a tournament director at P.S 6 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and I teach classes during the summer at NYChessKids.

I have plenty of tutoring experience, and I am available for either group or individual classes.

Email me: spinnelj@bxscience.edu

Call me: +917 797 2121

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